Welcome to the Youth Entrepreneurship Development Agency

This is a Lesotho based non-governmental entrepreneurship development organisation

We care about Lesotho Startups, We are hopeful about young people.

We are simply servants of the young people in Lesotho

Entrepreneurship development in the Kingdom of Lesotho has become a subject of intend in many organisations home, and rightly so.
We are here to make a difference and alter the odds of young people we work with.
YEDA is an organisation legally registered under Societies Act no. 9 of 1966  Reg. no 2016/181.  Our Functions are explicitly expressed in the founding constitution:

The three main Objectives of the Agency are:
  1.  Business Creation, 
  2. Institutional Support and; 
  3. Business and Organisational Finance;
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We believe there is so much uncovered within young people in Lesotho

We are determined to uncover it

Our three pronged strategy is to; Initiate Direct Impact Start-up Projects, Ignite Policy Debates regarding entrepreneurship development, organize and coordinate various Community Impact Organisations to carryout development projects. We also value and welcome ideas on how we can better foster entrepreneurship development in Lesotho. We recognize the change investment will bring immediately in engaged young people; the change in their communities and most importantly; we are cognisant of a direct link between what we do locally and the broader national development agenda. This is encapsulated in the National Strategic Development Plan, and in other multinational development initiatives such as the Sustainable Development Goals and the African Agenda for 2063.

This is what we love to do! It is our purpose and our commitment to the talented, young Basotho

We Ignite Startups & Cultivate Successful Entrepreneurs

We Ignite Startups & Cultivate Successful Entrepreneurs

The Agency enjoins existing, or initiates direct impact startup incubation projects with young aspirant or self-started entrepreneurs.

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We Provide Institutional Support

We Provide Institutional Support

This is a policy advocacy and stakeholder coordination objective of the Agency. At direct level, we provide full institutional support for incubated members startups.

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We undertake Business & Organisational Resource Mobilization

We undertake Business & Organisational Resource Mobilization

The Agency also actively engages in youth startups resources mobilization locally and internationally to support in direct impact projects or organisational activities.

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Other Development Initiatives Which Inspires & Align Our Work With

From Government and its Agencies to Development Partners, we align all what we do with the bigger development agenda picture.

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We would love to connect with you!

  • American Corner, State Library, King's way Road Maseru, Lesotho