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I am a Startup in Lesotho

We have a ton of resources for your startup. We have been working with young, creative startups since the inception of YEDA.

We are A Local Youth Club/ Society

We understand what you really want. In fact a seasoned McDonald's Vice-President wrote a book titled, "None of us is as good as All of Us". We want to coordinate our efforts with your organisation on entrepreneurship development.

I am a Local Development Partner Agency

It is through your efforts that we are only able to do what we do best. Being the ultimate hope for young people in Lesotho. This Include being able to connect here, online.

International NGOs

YEDA is a focused, Lesotho entrepreneurship development Agency and a non governmental organisation. As we Describe in "What We Do" we are greatly concerned with entrepreneurship development in Lesotho and among young people.

I am a Fan

Thank you very much for being part of such a purposeful journey. Lesotho is more hopeful because you are here. You can send us your thoughts, suggestions and inquiries to connect@yedalesotho.org